The art of war – it is a sum of having, collecting and storing a unique set of skills, experiences and knowledge; and using these in all actions that deal with Man’s primary task – to survive in battle or in any other extreme situation. This is why the art of war covers a very wide range of themes. It embraces various hand-to-hand and weapon techniques, tactics and strategy, the ability to provide first aid, the use of medicinal herbs, different pshychoregulatory techniques etc.

The tactical goal of practicing the art of war is to have the ability to survive in combat; the strategic goal is to be healthy and happy, living a long and prosperous life.

Energetic system. Affecting sensitive points and zones

In ancient times already people in different parts of the world independently reached the conclusion that there is a specific connection between different areas of the body and the internal organs. For example a person who has problems with his heart will often experience pain or numbness in the little finger, especially the little finger of the left hand. And the other way round – applying pressure to the inside of the nail of the little finger a pain impulse is created that follows a rather specific path on the inside of the arm to the armpit Thus an energetic model of the human body was created that combined the knowledge of connecting lines and their connection with vital organs, blood supply, metabolism and the tonus of different muscle groups with sensitive points and zones that control these connective paths and facilitate movement of energy in the organism.

Based on this knowledge diagnostics were developed which used the reactions to manipulation of different sensitive points to provide the healer a rather exact picture of the patient’s state of health.

In different times depending on climatic conditions, circumstances and available options a number of seemingly different methods were adopted to manipulate sensitive points and zones. Despite apparent differences they were still based on the same principles and many of the methods are still used today. Manipulation can comprise applying pressure with a part of the hand, feet, cooling or warming, applying medicinal herb mixtures and ointments as well as wooden, bone and stone items and bone or metal needles.