The art of war – it is a sum of having, collecting and storing a unique set of skills, experiences and knowledge; and using these in all actions that deal with Man’s primary task – to survive in battle or in any other extreme situation. This is why the art of war covers a very wide range of themes. It embraces various hand-to-hand and weapon techniques, tactics and strategy, the ability to provide first aid, the use of medicinal herbs, different pshychoregulatory techniques etc.

The tactical goal of practicing the art of war is to have the ability to survive in combat; the strategic goal is to be healthy and happy, living a long and prosperous life.

Health improving exercise complexes

Practicing health improving exercise complexes has three main aims: correction of the position of the spine, achievement of optimal muscle tonus, as well as balancing the body and energetic system.

Body exercises are both dynamic and static. In one case they comprise a series of pre-determined movements, in the other case maintaining a stance for a required period. The skill of correct breathing following the dynamics and intensiveness of the exercise is essential.