The art of war – it is a sum of having, collecting and storing a unique set of skills, experiences and knowledge; and using these in all actions that deal with Man’s primary task – to survive in battle or in any other extreme situation. This is why the art of war covers a very wide range of themes. It embraces various hand-to-hand and weapon techniques, tactics and strategy, the ability to provide first aid, the use of medicinal herbs, different pshychoregulatory techniques etc.

The tactical goal of practicing the art of war is to have the ability to survive in combat; the strategic goal is to be healthy and happy, living a long and prosperous life.

Survival skills

  • Ability to survive in hostile environment
  • Ability to navigate on unknown terrain (without a map or a compass)
  • Ability to find water for drinking
  • Ability to distinguish between eatable and poisonous plants
  • Ability to build traps or snares and to hunt with self-made weapons (slingshot, spear, bow etc)
  • Ability to make and maintain a fire with resources at hand
  • Ability to find/build shelter or a place to sleep
  • Ability to do all the above alone, without assistance