The art of war – it is a sum of having, collecting and storing a unique set of skills, experiences and knowledge; and using these in all actions that deal with Man’s primary task – to survive in battle or in any other extreme situation. This is why the art of war covers a very wide range of themes. It embraces various hand-to-hand and weapon techniques, tactics and strategy, the ability to provide first aid, the use of medicinal herbs, different pshychoregulatory techniques etc.

The tactical goal of practicing the art of war is to have the ability to survive in combat; the strategic goal is to be healthy and happy, living a long and prosperous life.

Use of medicinal herbs and minerals

In natural therapy medicinal herbs are used while they are fresh or dried, as well as in the form of extracts, infusions and ointments.

Much attention is paid to the process of collecting the raw materials or when and where the specific medicinal herb is picked and how it is processed afterwards. The concentration of biologically active ingredients in the different parts of the herb can significantly differ depending on whether the herb was picked during dry or rainy period, whether it grew in a dry and sandy spot or low clayey ground.

In addition to preparation of traditional medicinal teas and ointments an important aspect of natural therapy is use of medicinal herbs and minerals in combination with manipulating sensitive points or zones by applying ointments or wrappings to sensitive zones, as well as manipulating sensitive zones with the help of burning (smoldering) herb mixtures.